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Karşıyaka, Kayı Cd. No:1, 06291 Keçiören/Ankara, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon 0532 782 96 90
Ofis Telefonu 0532 782 96 90
🏠 Firma Adresi Karşıyaka, Kayı Cd. No:1, 06291 Keçiören/Ankara, Türkiye
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Karşıyaka, Kayı Cd. No:1, 06291 Keçiören/Ankara, Türkiye

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Tekin “Tako” Beyaz

Warehouses are very clean and safe. I left all my household belongings and I didn’t look back. Thanks to Yusuf Bey’s friendliness and helpfulness, even things that I thought were difficult became easy. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be able to find a man to move the house on Eid. Kuzenler Nakliyat, Ali Bey. We met thanks to Yusuf Bey.
Thank you for everything.

10 ay önce

I kept my belongings in the Caucasus warehouse for about 3 months. It is a facility with a very clean and modern design. Warehouse operators do their best to help in every way. Since my tenant vacated my house earlier than expected, I had to vacate the warehouse early and they refunded me for the remaining days in a very short time.

Don’t go to other places and look for adventure..

Batuhan Çavuşoğlu

Last year, I entrusted my belongings to Kafkaslar warehouse. I was very pleased. Especially 🤗 DEAR YUSUF BROTHER, he helped us a lot. This country really needs people who do their job well. Caucasus Warehouse is the only address where everyone who cares, values ​​their belongings, can trust them blindly. This summer, I will entrust my belongings to Kafaslar Warehouse again. Also I send my respects and love to my brother Yusuf with peace of mind… Hüseyin Emel Çavuşoğlu Family..

Oğuz Han
10 ay önce

If you are considering a warehouse, I definitely recommend it…. Thank you Mr. Yusuf, we delivered our goods without any problems. They provide convenience in extraordinary situations… A place that cares about its customers and protects them. Make sure it is ventilated and clean, you will not regret it…. Of course, I recommend Mr. Ercan for transportation as well.

Yasin Demirkan
8 ay önce

My belongings were stored very well for 2 years. Their systems are very good, the authorized staff are very caring and polite.