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Karaman, Gürbüzler Cd. 40/A, 16130 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon (0224) 245 11 11
Ofis Telefonu (0224) 245 11 11
🏠 Firma Adresi Karaman, Gürbüzler Cd. 40/A, 16130 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye
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Karaman, Gürbüzler Cd. 40/A, 16130 Nilüfer/Bursa, Türkiye

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7 ay önce

I have moved 5 times due to appointments and each one turned into a nightmare. At the end of each move, I experienced material and moral damages.
This time, I am very glad that my path crossed with Nilüfer house-to-house transportation. Rather than finding a company on the internet; I chose to choose one of the experienced companies in the city, and I’m glad it did. I really didn’t experience any problems. First of all, in the morning, they collected the items one by one, carefully packed everything up to the corner brackets, put the clothes in bags, wrapped the kitchen utensils one by one.. and the same team came to my house in another city and transferred the items there, set up the furniture to be installed and installed the white goods.. What was more important than the care they showed was that all of the team that carried out the transportation were good people, who had a good manners and did their best to help; I did not hear them say anything during the whole process. I paid the fee as we talked about in the beginning, there was never a request for an additional fee at the last minute, which is common in other companies. Mr. Hakan is already someone who inspires confidence by managing the process with all his calmness and clarity. He is truly a single person. It was a transportation experience that I did not experience any discomfort; Without a doubt, if I move again, they will be my first choice.

Funda Coşkun
9 ay önce

We moved my house today. I was very pleased, I recommend it to everyone due to the careful packaging and fast work. Although the moving process was postponed to the next day due to the asphalt work starting in front of my house after loading the vehicle, my move was completed without any problems. At the same time, they work very punctually, they never kept me waiting, my belongings were moved in exactly 2 hours and 15 minutes. Thank you very much.

Hasan Alver
10 ay önce

Hello everyone, I am moving house for the 3rd time with Nilüfer House to House Transportation. First Bursa-Canakkale, then Çanakkale-Balikesir and finally Balıkesir-Bursa
They were all very successful businesses, all their staff have been working for 15-20 years. I thank them all. Hakan Bey manages this business very well. I advise.

Gokce Hazal Bilyap
10 ay önce

Hakan and his team moved our house in a very professional way. As someone who has changed houses 4 times in the last 6 years, I have experienced the service that I am most satisfied with with this team. Everyone is very well-intentioned, well-informed and acts in a concise manner. Especially Ms. Turkan; Thank you once again for everything.

We moved our house with pleasure without experiencing stress. We have two cats at home; extra sensitivity was shown even for them. We were really satisfied.

It is very important for me to get references by reading comments; If you have question marks in your mind, you can trust my comments. 🙂

hakkı kalyoncu
1 yıl önce

We would like to thank Mr. Hakan and his staff very much. They brought our belongings from Bursa to Eskişehir without even a scratch. They are very fast but also very sensitive about safe transportation, thank you very much again.

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