Oskay Evden Eve Nakliyat

Cumhuriyet, Sarrafoğlu Sk. No:13, 61030 Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon 0541 291 61 61
Ofis Telefonu 0541 291 61 61
🏠 Firma Adresi Cumhuriyet, Sarrafoğlu Sk. No:13, 61030 Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon, Türkiye
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Cumhuriyet, Sarrafoğlu Sk. No:13, 61030 Trabzon Merkez/Trabzon, Türkiye

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RİV RİV TV (riv riv)

It’s great that they’re economical. Especially the staff working in furniture dismantling and installation are very professional in their job.
A few plastic items were broken. But we said it might happen during the move.
On the negative side, two pieces of furniture were scratched. If we had told him to hug it completely, maybe that wouldn’t have happened either. But it’s nice that they are solution oriented.

Ayşenur Öz
5 ay önce

They are very careless about transportation. We had a lot of broken items, even though we wrote they would be broken on the boxes. They carried the items carelessly while placing them. We expected them to be more careful.

Nuri Eroğlu
5 ay önce

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the Oskay transportation team for their interest and solution-oriented approach. Both the sensitivity with their belongings and the smiling face of the staff are definitely reasons for preference.

hüseyin pervanlar
4 ay önce

I moved with Oskay transportation. I was very pleased that it was finished early and intact. Thank you to everyone who contributed. Thank you for your effort

Cihade Aktaş
1 yıl önce

Even one star is more than these. We have just moved in. The furnishings are not even 1 year old, but 10 years old. They have become worse than furniture. Do you mean the chairs that were placed without wrapping, the broken cabinets, the armchairs? They are all in very bad condition. We definitely do not justify the money we paid for them. We were the victims, at least it doesn’t happen to others.