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Tabakhane Caddesi Tabakhane Çarşısı No 69 Kat 3, Ortahisar, 61000 Ortahisar/Trabzon, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon 0554 688 86 07
Ofis Telefonu 0554 688 86 07
🏠 Firma Adresi Tabakhane Caddesi Tabakhane Çarşısı No 69 Kat 3, Ortahisar, 61000 Ortahisar/Trabzon, Türkiye
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Tabakhane Caddesi Tabakhane Çarşısı No 69 Kat 3, Ortahisar, 61000 Ortahisar/Trabzon, Türkiye

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Meryem Demirci
4 yıl önce

Either the company that transports you is another company, or it is very easy for you to slander people. You are not afraid of people’s rights. This team moved my belongings with great care. Not a single glass of mine was broken. They were very careful in assembling and transporting the items. Their boss was also very interested in both my questions and the price. Every penny they receive is their right. But since you are used to sloppy behavior and indifferent people, you can slander without any shame.

caner Koc
4 yıl önce

I had my belongings transported between Tabzon and Ankara, it was irrelevant, I will definitely not recommend it. My furniture and many of my belongings were damaged. They absolutely do not cover your damage, they blame it on the people carrying the goods and the truck driver. I fell, don’t fall, here’s my warning.

Bilge Kübra DEMİRCİ
4 yıl önce

I look at the comments and see how many unfounded comments have been made. This company also moved my belongings. They transported my old, broken items without a single scratch, and then mounted them all like new. I am very pleased with the smiling face of the team and the attention of the bosses. I recommend it to everyone with peace of mind.

ümmü gülsüm yiğit
7 yıl önce

We had the misfortune of moving with this company in September 2015. They destroyed my belongings. Nothing happened as we talked about. We moved between cities, and in the first house, other people from left and right took apart our belongings, and the packaging was brand new. In the new house we moved into, he had people he found around carry it and install it. They lost many screws and damaged my furniture. They entered the house I had cleaned with their shoes and destroyed the house. Even though I explained the items, after filling half of the truck, they said your items were too much and asked for more money. This company caused us a complete trauma. The reason we are deceived is that it is more affordable than the market. I still can’t control my anger when I think about it. Honesty is essential in trade, unfortunately we could not see it.

Şehrinaz Şimşek
4 yıl önce

I am an old and retired person. Their boss helped me a lot with the price. The team was very careful and attentive in moving my belongings. May God bless him a thousand times and may his work be plentiful and profitable.