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anıt mah atatürk cad no:91 bengi apt a blok kat 1 no: 1, Anıt, kaymakam evi yanı, 33430 Tarsus/Mersin, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon (0324) 614 71 74
Ofis Telefonu (0324) 614 71 74
🏠 Firma Adresi anıt mah atatürk cad no:91 bengi apt a blok kat 1 no: 1, Anıt, kaymakam evi yanı, 33430 Tarsus/Mersin, Türkiye
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anıt mah atatürk cad no:91 bengi apt a blok kat 1 no: 1, Anıt, kaymakam evi yanı, 33430 Tarsus/Mersin, Türkiye

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Mehmet Koç
9 ay önce

I had my intercity house transported to Doğanay Transport, which I was pleased with before, and this time I regretted it so much… They crammed our belongings to load 2 houses on the truck. Many of our furniture were damaged because of this. We’ve come across such answers as soon as nothing happens. Moreover, they said the day they will deliver, we came to the city we will move to, they did not bring our belongings, we were left in the middle, then the driver was very, very unsafe, he did not answer our phones. We talked to the owner of the company and he repeatedly said that he could not reach the driver. Items arrived 1 day late. And unfortunately it came slightly damaged. The owner of the company said, “Take care of it between you and the owner of the vehicle (the driver) for the compensation of our crushed and damaged furniture.” The driver made difficulties and insisted not to cover the cost. He tried to intimidate with harsh statements such as “Let’s reload the damaged item and take it away, we will have it done in another city, we will bring it back in 15-20 days”. I was able to deduct a small amount of expenses by force. And that’s why they left without even saying hello… so this time it didn’t happen, Doğanay Transport.. In this way, sloppy intercity transportation and the “blue truck owner or driver” will make you lose a lot of customers. For your information, in return for your careful urban transportation in Mersin. that didn’t fit well…

Mehtap'la her şey karışık

I have never seen such a terrible transport company in my life. We had intercity transport done. They never showed up at the time they said on the day of the move. They forgot an important item in the truck and did not even inform us. We noticed that it was missing when settling in. We called and they did not bring it, they said they would send it to the cargo. Then they said they could not delay for a week and give us an expensive cargo. Our goods have not been delivered to us for 2 months, 700 km away. I do not recommend the company, do not use it. It’s Not “Supposedly Insured”!!!!!

Hly Aktn
11 ay önce

My belongings were stolen. There are losses in my belongings that were moved by you 6 months ago. Since my house was not finished, my belongings stayed in two rooms of the house for 6 months, and we moved out of the rooms after 6 months. However, the Pierce Cardin cutlery set for 12 people and 11 Schafer brand teaspoons were officially stolen, and their cost is now 10 thousand TL. If these sets of mine were stolen by your employees, the money we gave you will be a waste of money. Also, one of your employees kept saying “I need furniture”. Calm down, don’t automatically write the message in vain. Friends who will call should definitely wait with their belongings.

Halil Kaldı
10 ay önce

I would like to thank Mr. ERHAN, who meticulously follows and manages his very meticulous and completely professional work, and his staff who work devotedly at every stage of the packaging, moving and unloading processes.

Hasan Dal
8 ay önce

They moved my house from Balıkesir to Aksaray. They did their job professionally and carefully. Thank you to the staff.