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Çınarlı, 61027. Sk. no: 4/A, 01060 Seyhan/Adana, Türkiye

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Kurumsal Telefon 0543 248 96 20
Ofis Telefonu 0543 248 96 20
🏠 Firma Adresi Çınarlı, 61027. Sk. no: 4/A, 01060 Seyhan/Adana, Türkiye
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Çınarlı, 61027. Sk. no: 4/A, 01060 Seyhan/Adana, Türkiye

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betül Çağla
7 ay önce

We moved our house yesterday, they came at the time they said, they packed all our belongings very professionally and quickly, we were afraid that your furniture would not be assembled well, they reassembled it all very well, they finished all their work within 4 hours, we were really pleased, and I recommend this review to those who just want to get a good service. I am writing to make it happen, thank you very much to Tufan Transportation.

Adem Çağatay Ergan
10 ay önce

We contacted the company 3 weeks before the move. We said that our house is 2+1, but there is a lot of furniture and the small truck will not take it. The company said, “Don’t worry, the big truck will come,” and 3 weeks later, the big truck arrived full to the brim.

We bought the tickets on the night of the agreed date – which ticket prices are expensive – and we have no one here because we are civil servants. Also, our time off is limited and we don’t have enough time to relocate the house.

The workers offered to put our bases on top and attach the seats to the outside (back) of the truck, and they said they could send a second truck if we wait for Monday. We said that this was not possible and we were victims.

habib okmen
9 ay önce

I was appointed out of province. I researched for a long time. I decided on Tufan transportation. Musa brother, Erkan brother and the other brother whose name I cannot remember (sorry) carried my belongings from Mardin Kziltepe to Adana Seyhan carefully. Thank you for your care. Good luck with your efforts.

edip tedik
9 ay önce

I asked them to transport the house of an acquaintance between cities. Believe me, I have not seen such a transport, even though I am the owner of the goods.

Halime Gül
1 yıl önce

I had my house moved last week and I definitely recommend it to everyone. They packed my belongings very well and when I arrived at my new home, there was not even a small scratch on my belongings. The staff are also very understanding. The prices are very affordable considering the service we provide. I would like to thank Tufan Transportation.